Network Diagram - Internal Network

Download this network diagram that details how the wePresent wireless presentation system integrates into a typical network environment.

wePresent Network Schematic

Technnical Notes:
  • hardwired to the internal network
  • receives an IP from the network
  • SSID broadcast is disabled
  • DHCP server is disabled
  • Users connect to company Wi-Fi
  • Guest connect to Guest Wi-Fi


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Installing wePresent on your internal network:

When the wePresent system is hardwired to your internal network, presenters will have access to not only the presentation, but will also have access to the internet and internal server to acquire presentation material. 

The Network Setup Guide A diagrams the network schematics in a PDF format easily readable to both techies and non-techies. The diagram also includes technical notes, login steps for internal users, and guest users.